Gerry Gagne & Mike Peters

Owners, Mac's Grill

I am thrilled to be working with Uncle Andy’s Digest in the promotion of my law practice. Jim Marston has been flexible in meeting with me to design my ad and has offered insightful ideas in how to present the ideas that I desire to promote. Since having a regular presence in Uncle Andy’s Digest, I have received many calls from new clients stating they saw my ad and wished to hire me. I have also received compliments on the design of my ad. Other forms of advertising have not worked as well and have not produced the clientele that Uncle Andy’s Digest has produced. I am thrilled to continue my relationship with Uncle Andy’s Digest and encourage other businesses to do the same.

Kimberly A. Levesque, Esq.

Attorney, The Law Offices of Kimberly A. Levesque

When I was first approached by Uncle Andy’s Digest I was unsure about advertising in a publication that wasn’t a Real Estate publication or a conventional newspaper. I tried it for a month and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Every time my ad runs the phone starts ringing. Customers tell me that they picked up an Uncle Andy’s Digest, read my ad and said “I should call her.” This is the result I am looking for when I advertise.

The cost of advertising in Uncle Andy’s Digest is affordable and service is excellent. Thank you and keep up the good work! Debbie Bodwell

Vice President, Residential Mortgage Services Inc.

Over the years, we have used several advertising mediums including radio, newspaper, magazines and even direct mail. None of them have pulled their weight like Uncle Andy’s has. We’ve been advertising with UAD for 11+ years, never missing a month! We’ve had great success and have found that UAD is a great value for the amount of exposure we receive. It seems everywhere we go we hear, “I saw your ad in the Digest!” A great example: We recently met with a lady to book a large catering event. When we arrived I asked how she heard about us, she pulls out our full page ad she had taken out of the Digest! We also enjoy the personal service they give us. The crew at UAD is looking out for our best interest and we trust them emphatically with creating our ads. I would recommend advertising in the Digest to any business. It’s THE place to be! They have truly shown us how consistent marketing is the only way to go.

Diana & Larry Roy

Owners, Dad's Place

Uncle Andy’s Digest uses creative humor and grabs the attention of local area residents and directs them to us for their archery entertainment, instruction, and equipment needs related to archery and firearms. We have expanded our archery family to include many who never gave archery a thought. Earlier this year, some people were just in town for a conference, picked up an Uncle Andy’s while waiting for a dinner reservation, and decided to come visit us with their party of six after dinner to rent bows. They had a great laugh… and so did we. It’s all about making good memories together. Somebody in a waiting room somewhere is reading an Uncle Andy’s and saying, “Hmm, I’m gonna try that archery thing. My nephew/niece/ husband/grandson/daughter… would love to go with me.”

Word of mouth is the best advertising, but Uncle Andy’s helps us go beyond our circle of friends to invite more members of our community to come visit us and our greeting committee, our dogs, Apollo & Zeus. Thanks for your help in advertising.

– Sincerely, Jess & Tom

Owners, Central Maine Archery Center

Community Credit Union has been using Uncle Andy’s Digest for advertising since their very first issue, back in 1996. We have found it to be a valuable and irreplaceable part of our marketing plan.
Just from observation in our lobbies – we get Uncle Andy’s Digest delivered to us and within 5-10 days our supply is depleted. This tells us that people LOVE reading the Digest.

On a personal note (Jen), when we go out to eat with our families our husbands and children always grab a copy and look through it while we’re waiting for our food. My daughter, who’s 2½, even likes to look through it… it’s no joke that we went to Youly’s for breakfast one morning and she refused to leave the restaurant without taking her copy of UAD with her.

Jennifer Hogan & Kerry Wood

Vice President & CEO, Community Credit Union

Smile Again Dentures has used several forms of advertising over the years. Using Uncle Andy’s Digest has proven to give us the best bang for our buck. It did so early and often and still does to this day. We like the fact that people pick up the Digest and hang on to it. A lot of people that might see or hear a commercial on TV or the radio and it’s forgotten almost immediately. Uncle Andy’s hangs around all month and we know our ad is seen over and over throughout the month. People from all walks of life come in regularly and mention seeing our ad in the Digest. We hear all the time how our clients like seeing the father and son team.

Working with the Uncle Andy’s staff is easy and we really enjoy the extra stuff they do to promote our business! We believe any business spending money on advertising should be spending it with Uncle Andy’s Digest.

Joe & Mike Adkins

Owners, Smile Again Dentures

When we first sat down, I had reevaluated my budget and asked if we could wait because I really couldn’t ‘afford’ the cost and the commitment just yet. To say the least I was a little skeptical…

I have to tell you from the deepest of my heart, advertising with Uncle Andy’s Digest has been an amazing experience! With our February ad (which I have to say was a bit risque and adventurous) we gained 7 new clients and over 30 calls/inquires!! It was awesome! In the March edition…we went with a full color ad spending a little over $200 for a whole month’s worth of advertising. I have to say that the ‘investment’ that I make each month, especially when times are tough for all of us…. Uncle Andy’s Digest have given me true hope that advertising and social media marketing can WORK even for the SMALL businesses in an even smaller community! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your confidence in your product and for your commitment to helping ‘ease’ the pain of the Small Business Owner!

Kelly Gilzow

Owner/Instructor, SPRQ Studio

Advertising in Uncle Andy’s Digest has worked really well for us. It’s very affordable and brings customers into our restaurant every month. We highly recommend Uncle Andy’s Digest to anyone considering advertising their business. They service our account personally every month and help us come up with marketing ideas. We have advertised in many other venues, none work as well as Uncle Andy’s Digest has.

Alex Perreault & Supannee Saengwong

Owners, Jasmine Cafe