Improve your budget with print advertising. For many of us in the last 5-6 years, the words ‘limited budget’ have become more and more prevalent. As a result, cutting corners to dial back expenditures often comes into play. There we find ourselves in the perpetual catch 22, and facing decisions that we see no choice in.

No doubt the bank account looks prettier with green in it. Many times the marketing budget takes a hit, even though we know the less marketing means less exposure. So there it is in true catch 22 form, no sales, no marketing budget, no marketing budget, no sales.

Get Creative with You’re Marketing Budget

The answer is not slamming the brakes our marketing budget, but rather to use your marketing budget to its fullest potential. Use each facet of your marketing campaign to feed the others.

If you are utilizing multiple medias, ie: print, radio, website, and social media, create a loop to engage your customers. Give them more options, along with added value, and it only serves to benefit your revenue.

Diversify Your Marketing Campaign

UAD-Facebook-QR-code-KEEPWith print advertising, outside of the product or service promotion, your company branding, and your traditional contact information, feed your website and social media campaigns. With smart phone use at an all time high, try incorporating a QR code in your print ad to give mobile users the option of quickly viewing your website, or facebook page on their phone.

Use your website to promote your current offerings in line with your print ads, and direct visitors from your website to your social media campaigns (ie: facebook, twitter, google+). Encourage visitors on your website to connect you on your different social media sites, thus creating residual exposures to your latest posts.

Once you gained them as an audience on social media, keep them engaged with interesting and relatable content. Social media is not so much a selling platform, as it is a means to effectively instill confidence and trust in you and your brand. Social media in business is a means to establish a lasting relationship with your fans and followers. Promote, your print, radio, or tv ads when they come out. Your audience is more likely to pick up on your ads when they have a mental picture.

Mention the location of your print ad and website in your radio spots, to kick start the go round again.

Now you might be reading this thinking you can’t possibly afford to utilize 4-5 different forms of advertising. Only you know what your marketing/advertising budget is. This article was merely written to demonstrate how you might tie your chosen methods together, and make them work to their fullest potential. A diverse strategy is paramount to a successful marketing campaign.

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