The Anatomy of an effective ad by Uncle Andy’s Digest

When creating and running print ads, there are a number of things to keep in mind. An effective print advertisement will grab it’s viewers attention and keep it, giving your business maximum exposure. When planning your company’s ad, there are a few factors to consider.

Your target market:

SPRQ-fitness-ad-10.2014Who are you looking for? Who’s in the market for what you’ve got? It would be almost magical if every person in existence needed what you have to offer. No doubt though, no matter what your products or services, there are those who will have a need or desire, and those that won’t. The design aspects lend tremendous weight to the effectiveness of your print ad. Different design themes and colors will attract different people, so it’s important to know your audience, and best how to reach them.

The average time a viewer will spend on an ad, is 10-12 seconds. If you can capture their attention in the first 3 seconds, you will probably keep them a bit longer.

Typically, the main visual element catches the viewers attention first. From there, if you have successfully appealed to them, they will jump to your headline, and then your ad copy. Having all of these components highly targeted to your specific audience is a major key in a successful print ad. This is why knowing your target market from the start is so important.

The focus of your ad:

Keep in mind, there is a spatial limitation to consider when creating an effective print ad. Your ad should gain a viewers focus on specific products or services you want to promote quickly. LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE. Too much information will water down the focus of your print advertisement, and ultimately lose the viewers attention. You don’t want to publish an essay in your ad. Short, sweet, focused copy is your friend. You should know going in exactly what you want to promote, and incorporate around 4-5 bullet points or sentences pertaining to the products or service(s) you’re promoting.

Do you feel limited by a lack of content? Remember, you’ve got limited real estate, and your goal is to peak their interest and entice them to purchase. Include your company’s website address in your ad. This gives your potential customer the ability to gain more insight into who you are and what you are offering.

People typically purchase because they have a need. An effective print ad should zero in on their need with focus, virtually filling their need instantly.

Through a successfully focused print advertising campaign, and an effective call to action, you will reach a major goal. You will promote purchase intent, and get a much larger return on your investment.

Gaining recognition and TOMA:

sure-start-print-ad-280x140Gaining maximum brand recognition, while establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, is one of the top reasons to create your marketing strategy. Creating TOMA, or Top Of Mind Awareness puts you, your brand, and your product, at the forefront of your customers mind when their need arises. They will think of you.

Print advertising is one of the most effective ways of achieving TOMA. A highly effective print advertising campaign, will strategically place your brand repeatedly in front of your target market, and continually gain recognition for your company.

The importance of frequency:

Frequency is paramount to the success of your print advertising campaign. It is key in reaching your desired outcome. The more your print ad is seen, the more effective your campaign will be. Frequency serves to give viewers repeated exposure to your company, creating trust. Simply put, repeated exposure creates top of mind awareness, gives you maximum brand exposure, and drives purchase intent most effectively. Further, a committed frequency with your print advertising also serves to establish you as an authority, and lends believability and credibility to your claims as a business.

So in closing, to add body to any highly effective print advertising campaign, be sure to rinse and repeat!

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